Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hakuhodo Brushes

My Hakuhodo brushes came today...yay!!! After seeing these brushes at the New York Makeup Show in 2008, I was curious. Now, there are tons of great reviews out there, so I thought it was high time I made a purchase. Of course, this won't be a review(that will come later)since I just received them, but I can tell you my initial thoughts.

I don't know if you all know much about this brand, but they are a Japanese brush manufacturer. They are the original equipment manufacturer of MAC brushes as well. Hakuhodo brushes are the Rolls Royce of all brushes. Each brush(or as they call it, fude) is handmade. Unlike other brushes, the tips of the hairs are not cut on the brushes. They use a traditional sculpting method that allows the extremely fine tips of the hair to remain intact. This fact may seem minute, but makes a huge difference in the way a brush feels on the skin and how the makeup applies to the eye or face.

There are several different series of brushes the S100 series being the flagship series of the brand. Other series include: 200, K, G, Kokutan, Basic, Japanese Traditions, and Kinoko/Fan brush.

Thus far, I have the S100 and Basic series and other than the color of the ferrule and the handle the feel of the bristles are the same. I will get back to you on the performance. I have also noticed that a lot of the S100 series comes in the basic series as well, and for a few dollars less. I think there are several of the same brushes in different series, just at different price points.

The Knowledge section has wonderful information on the hairs used to make the brushes, how to use them, clean and care for them as well.

I prefer goat, weasel, or kolinsky hair for eye shadow brushes, because I like to pack my colors on. The weasel and kolinsky hair, can also double-duty as great blenders as well. For blush and powder brushes I really like squirrel, and goat so that my colors are well blended and diffused.

The brushes come very carefully wrapped in a box with tissue. They come inside of plastic sleeves, that are inside of another plastic sleeve. I purchased all eye shadow brushes this time. My next purchases will probably be some powder brushes along with more eye brushes(a girl can never have too many!).

Left to Right:

K021~Blue Squirrel

B133BkSL~Canada Squirrel

B532BkSL~Blue Squirrel

S142~Blue Squirrel

Comparison of S142 to MAC 226

Comparison of B133BkSL to MAC 239

Care instructions that come with the brushes

Upon opening and feeling the brushes I must say they feel like no other brushes I have. I have many brands, from MAC, Shu Uemura, Trish McEvoy, Billy B. Beauty, and others and these are softer than all of them! I don't even know how to describe the feeling. It is like silk, satin, cotton balls, and air all wrapped into one. They feel so soft that they almost feel like nothing when you rub them against your skin.

They are smaller in size than most of the brushes(except for the Billy B. brushes) I have as well. This suits me just fine since I have small hands anyway. The handles have a glossy sheen to them, but feel very comfortable in the hand. I absolutely can not wait to use them! I will certainly report back once I have used them for a while to let you all know how they apply makeup, if they shed, and how they maintain their shape.


  1. They feel amazing, but cost way more than I'm prepared to hand over for make up brushes. I love the orange handles though.

  2. I completely understand! I will say that they are totally worth the cost though.

  3. Those are some nice looking brushes.

  4. They are really nice! They feel even better! Thanks!

  5. I would like to invest in some! Can't wait to hear your review on use. I have started to do my research with hopes theyll be at IMATS in NY bc Im going. Yaaay!

  6. Yes! I used them today and they are lovely! My eyeshadow applied so smooth and with so much pigment. There was hardly any fallout! When I washed the brushes they were soooooo soft! I have already ordered!

  7. you have been reading my mind! i was searching for la femme blush reviews and now the brushes?! thanks so much! ;)

  8. Well you know great minds think! You're welcome! ;)

  9. Hakuhodo is beautiful and top quality makeup brushes! I love it! My review



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