All opinions and posts on  this blog are my own. They are not meant to offend anyone. They are only my thoughts and my experiences.

Most products listed, swatched or reviewed are those that I have bought and paid for. If any products are sent to me for review, they will not be guaranteed a review. If the products are reviewed it will be a fair and honest review and not be influenced by compensation. I will only endorse products that I truly love.

The intention of this blog is to supply a creative outlet for myself, while helping others. The love of makeup is what drives this blog and if I can help others along the way with some of the things I have learned, then that is an added bonus.

As owner of this blog I reserve the right to all content and images. If you would like to use any information from this blog please give credit to: We Should Makeup. If I have used any images that you own and you would like them removed please contact me and they will be removed in a timely manner.

All private information sent or shared with me will never be shared with anyone else. Your information will remain private unless given permission to share.

Healthy debate is encouraged. However, any negative, profane, or offensive comments will be deleted!


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