Tuesday, March 8, 2011

La Femme Blush Review with Swatches

I am trying to shake this sickness and thought I could at least post a review. A friend of mine went to the  L.A. Makeup Show and was kind enough to take my shopping list with her. I have been wanting to try La Femme blushes for years, but for whatever reason never got around to buying any. Well, let me tell you I waited way too long! The pigmentation on these blushes is insane!

What it is: La Femme was originally made exclusively for professionals. The colors were created with such intense pigmentation to withstand hot lights and performers long working days. La Femme blushes come in both matte and shimmer shades. The shimmer does not overwhelm the color. There are over forty shades to choose from. There are colors to suit every skin tone, from the fairest to the deepest. Whether you like nude, berry, rust, or peach tones, warm or cool tones, there is a color for you. Here is a bit of information from MakeUp Mania on the ingredients:

Ingredients: Talc, Zinc Stearate  Mineral Oil, Peg-150 Disterate, Lanolin, Laurethe 4, Beeswax, Imidazolidnyl Urea, Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, BHA, BHT
MAY CONTAIN: Octyl Palitate, Kaolin, Calcium Stearate, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Bismuth Oxycloride, Carmine, Maganese, Violet, Ultramarine, Blue & Pink, D & C Blue #1 & 2, Aluminum Lake, D & C Yellow #5 & 6 Aluminum Lake, D & C #6 Barium Lake,  D & C  Red # 7 Calcium Lake, D & C Red #21 Aluminum Lake, D & C Red # 27 Zirconium Lake, D & C Red # 8 Sodium Lake, Bronze Powder.

What it cost: Okay, now this is where it gets really crazy. You can get these amazingly pigmented blushes in pot or pan form. The pots cost $3.00! They are 1.45 in./36.83 mm in size. You can also buy the pan refills like I have for $2.50! The pan refills are the same size 1.45 in./36.83 mm. Can you believe that low price?! 

You could buy more than seven La Femme blushes for the cost of  one MAC blush! Albeit, the La Femme blushes are smaller, they offer so much color that you literally only need a touch to receive full color payoff. The blushes fit in the Ben Nye pressed color palette that I bought from a local costume shop.

You can purchase the La Femme blushes from  MakeUp Mania or Camera Ready Cosmetics. I have seen several other places as well.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Peach Sparkle~peach(golden shimmer)
Golden Sunset~terracota(golden shimmer)
Russet~rusty-toned brown(shimmer)
Sienna~nutmeg-toned brown(matte)

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Pink Velvet~cool-toned light pink(matte)
Indian Rose~medium-toned rose pink(matte)
Magenta~vibrant magenta(matte)
Dusty Rose~dusty rose(shimmer)
Grape~plum-rose tone(shimmer)

What I think: I have lots of different blushes from high-end and low-end brands and I must say that these blushes are among some of the best I have used pigmentation wise. When I first swatched them I could not believe how much color payoff they had. They wear just as well. I wore Golden Sunset and Russet for over 10 hours without any fading. 

The color you see is exactly what you get times ten! I will say that some of them can be a little dusty, but I think I can live with that. Some of the matte colors feel a little chalky and are not the smoothest texture, but again for $2.50 that's not exactly a deal breaker. I feel like as long as the pigmentation is excellent and the color is long-wearing I'm good. I will be purchasing all of the colors.

Some of my favorite colors from this palette are: 

Golden Sunset(this color is love!)
Russet(this will make a beautiful contour color for cheeks and eyes on deeper skin tones)
Magenta(the pigmentation of this color is out of this world! It literally stained my hand when I swatched it!)

So, if you have not yet purchased any of the colors you must do so immediately! I promise you, you will be so happy you did!


  1. wow thanks so much for this post, I love Orange, Russet & Sienna. Does Sienna compare to Raizin from MAC at all? I hope they show up well on my nw50 skin :)

  2. Hi Ola! No, Russet is actually closer to Raizin. Russet is deeper and more pigmented. Sienna looks cooler toned compared to Raizin. Yes, the colors will definitely show up on your skin, and look amazing! :)

  3. Hi Devin! Your work is amazing!! I found you on spektra one night and I spent 3-hours reading EVERY SINGLE POST. I'm hooked.

    I found a store that sold the blush-on rouge in the containers for $1.99 each. Here's a picture of the ones I bought!

    I bought every color you have plus a few extras. I have 2 questions: 1.)Is there a difference between the blush and the blush-on rouge? and 2.)have you ever depotted the blushes in the pot? I would prefer to have my blushes in a palette but I already broke a La Femme eyeshadow that came in the same packaging. No sweat... it was only $1.99 and a tester blue... but still (heehee).

    The metal just pops out from the plastic but I broke it when I bent the metal container to much (and it flipped out so easily and onto the floor LOL).

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi prettygirlrock! Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me! What site did you find them on for 1.99?

    No there is no difference between the blush and blush on rouge.

    I have never depotted the blushes. I always buy them in the refill. When I depot my other blushes and eyeshadows I take them out of the pan using needle nose pliers. I then use a candle lighter to melt the metal pan out of the plastic. Does that make sense?

  5. That makes total sense... off to get needle nose pliers :)

    I was able to buy the blushes at a local beauty supply store here in Los Angeles. I'm so glad there's no difference in the blush and blush-on rouge because I started to fear that's why they were $1.99 (heehee). Keep up the fierce, fabulous work Lady!

  6. Thank you so much for this post! I've been looking for La Femme blush swatches and while most people have pictures not many will make that distinction between the matte and shimmer shades so thanks for doing that :)

  7. @prettygirlrock~Yes ma'am, works everytime! You're welcome! ;)

    @Mai~You're welcome! I'm so glad this has been helpful for you! :)

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  9. Looking @ your swatch of russet looks exactly like the sienna they sent me, and nothing like the sienna swatch. I think mine was mis-labled... actually I know it was ... but I still love the color.

    1. Yes they probably mislabeled it. They are great colors. :)

  10. is the quality good? I've never heard of this brand and didnt't know if the low cost should a red flag.



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