Friday, February 25, 2011

My New Makeup Storage

I am super excited about this new storage system I bought for my makeup! For years I have been storing my makeup wherever I could fit it. That meant a train case in the bathroom closet, along with some plastic shoe boxes. My armoire had also been transformed into a makeup storage. So, because I do my makeup in my bathroom I would have to go to a couple of different places to get makeup to pull together one look. With the makeup being in all those different places I would sometimes forget what I had and some makeup never got used.

Thus, my quest for a newer, better way to store my makeup. I needed something fairly large and something that would allow me to place my products on their side so they wouldn't be stacked on top of each other. I watched endless youtube videos and searched all the forums. Then a friend of mine(who will be starting her own blog Gorgeois soon, so be sure to check it out!) on one of my favorites sites, Long Hair Care Forum showed a picture of her storage system called The Elfa System from the Container Store.

This system seemed to be just what I was looking for. It is customizable, so you can purchase the set up that suits you best. These systems are intended for closets, kitchens, bathrooms, and wherever else you need to organize, but it works beautifully for large makeup collections.

The options are narrow, medium and wide for the drawers. The colors you can choose from are white or platinum. You can choose from a 4-runner, 7-runner, or 10-runner drawer system. The drawers also come in a variety of sizes from 1-runner(which is shallow), to 2-runner(deep), and lastly 3-runner(ultra deep). The 1-runner drawer takes up one slot, the 2-runner drawer uses two slots, the 3-runner drawer uses three slots. I chose the medium 10-runner drawer system in platinum. I bought six 1-runner drawers, and two 2-runner drawers. I was torn between the wide and medium, but the sales associate convinced me to purchase the medium, because she said it was a bit sturdier.

I purchased the Elfa System during The Container Store's annual sale, so I was able to received the 30% discount. I paid about 110.00 for the 10-runner system, not including the separate organizers. I also purchased the Silver Mesh Drawer Organizers, the Silver Mesh Cutlery Trays, the Silver 3-section Mesh Cutlery Trays, the Platinum Melamine Top, and the Elfa Casters .

Each of these organizers allows me to organize my makeup in a way that it can be seen easily. Before I had everything stacked on top of each other, so that I had to take everything out of the drawer to find the one product I was looking for. Not, anymore! All I have to do now is flip through my products or look into the drawer and pick out what I want. I love the addition of the top and the wheels as well, because I can move it around if I need to and I can place my cotton balls, q-tips, etc. on the top. 

I have one empty drawer left for more blushes, lipsticks, and lip glosses. I don't have all of my collection in this system, but it fits a good majority.

Ok, so enough of the chatter and on to the pictures of the Elfa System:

pigments, paint pots, aqua creams, etc.

eyeshadows, cream color bases, eyeliners, mascara, shadesticks, paints

MAC pigments, mixing mediums

blushes, msf's, shimmer powders

lipsticks, lip glosses, lip pencils, more blushes and bronzers

msf natural, face powders, concealers, foundations, liquid highlighters

eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes

This drawer is for my supplies like: sponges, mascara wands, brush cleanser, skincare, etc.


  1. OMG I love it! I really need something like this because my stuff just won't fit in my drawers anymore.

  2. I REALLY need something like this. I will have to invest to get this. Like you, I have makeup all over the place!

  3. @jilliandanica~Thanks! I really love this system so much! I am sure I will end up with more, before it's all over with. It's just so easy to access your products.

    @Erin~You really shoud! You will be so glad you did. I think they may have the sale twice a year, so they may have another sale in June.

  4. FIrst of all can you say makeup porn!!! My husband better not EVER say I have a lot of makeup! He hasn't see anything yet! I've just decided to start freelancing. This is perfect! I will be purchasing on the next sale they have!!!

  5. OMG it's perfect! PERFECT!! Well worth the money. Since I moved back home, all my make up is on top of one another and I hate it!! I've saved this post in my faves and will def be ordering one of these for when I move to NY!

    How tall is it?

  6. @Princess Zmunda~Yes girl! This is a makeup stash that is years in the! The sales associate told me that the sale for the entire Elfa system is once a year in December-January. She told me that the framework of the Elfa system goes on sale at the end of August, but not the drawers. So I'm glad I was able to catch it February when the entire system was on sale! :)

    @VexintheCity~This would be awesome for you! Without the wheels it stands about 3.5 feet tall. With the wheels it may be just under 4 feet. You will love it! :)

  7. OH goodness. I need this!

  8. Yes ma'am! I absolutely love it! It really helps keep me organized!

  9. OMGeeeeezy this is a must have Devin thanks so much I need a better place to store my things so they are easier to get to i have been to the container store so many times and had no luck or ideas until now thanks a bunch sweetie......

    FYI if you sign up for their email they have discounts and specials every week! :-D

  10. Yes ma'am Ms. Trese! This storage unit rocks! I am so glad my friend Gorgeois turned me on to it! I am signed up for the emails as well and have used the! Thanks!

  11. Friend I'm getting this!! U know I have just as much if not more makeup than U. I need this. So help me watch for the sale. I can't wait to get this!!

  12. Yes ma'am Nisa! This will take care of all your makeup storage and then some! The sale is usually in June and January. January is the bigger sale. I think the sales associate also said there is a sale in August. Make sure to keep checking online.

  13. I went this weekend and they said they have the 30% off a day after I was like thats too but I will go back cause I could not make up my mind on how big or small I wanted it to be. But thanks Devin!

  14. Yes the good sale is not until the holidays. I bought mine in January. There are a million ways to customize it. You're welcome!

  15. Gosh that's one hell of a stash :)) I love this! and need this so much... but no chance to get anything similar in my country... :/
    nice collection, really :))

    1. I love this and want on. Where did you get it and how much?

  16. This is a great inspiration to me. RIght now i have all my stash in 10 Sterilite "shoe boxes" and 2 that are almost twice the size of the others. I've seen a lot of sites, but yours appeals to me most. Thanks for so much detailed info!



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