Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MAC Pink Friday Lipstick with Comparison Swatches

Oh, the elusive Pink Friday lipstick from MAC! I swear when this lipstick was going on sale I had anxiety trying to get it. I know that I have several lipsticks that are similar in color, but I have a little problem...lol!
Whenever a product is hard to get it makes me want it even more! I must get help for this situation! Anyway, here is Pink Friday lipstick and some colors that I have that are similar.

Left to Right(all MAC lipsticks):
Pink Friday(satin), Saint Germain(amplified), Melrose Mood(amplified), Snob(satin), Enchantee(kissable lipcolor)

Bare Lips

Pink Friday

Saint Germain

Melrose Mood(Heatherette collection)



~Pink Friday is the deepest of the baby pinks.
~Saint Germain and Melrose Mood were the closest in color on my lips. I even got confused when I went to look at the pictures, and couldn't figure out which color was which...lol! Saint Germain was the palest of all the colors I swatched.
~Melrose Mood is maybe a half a shade deeper in color than Saint Germain
~Snob has more of a muted purple tone compared to the blue tone in the other lipsticks.
~Enchantee is of course the glossiest.

I would say that out of all the swatches, Enchantee and Pink Friday are the most wearable. Don't let pastel colors intimidate you if you have a deeper skin tone all you need is a liner and you can rock any of these colors! I would use a brown(e.g., cork, chestnut), or a plum(e.g., plum, half-red, vino). Of course, use whatever color or brand you like!


  1. Nice! I love St.Germain bc it is slightly obnoxious. Ha! Great info. I mix it with vino and rebel. Loves it!!!

  2. I'm jealous they are all such pretty colors, but I'm so happy to see a swatch of Pink Friday finally!! :)

    ps. You should check out All Styled Up it's very similar to Pink Friday. It may be a little lighter though!

  3. @Princess Zmunda~You sound like me! The crazier people think it is, the more I love it...lol!

    @Sarai~Gotta love those baby pinks! Thanks! :)

    @Mrs. J~I know a lot of people were curious to see what it looked like. I will check it out. Thanks!

  4. Great post. In my mind I just couldn't do Pink Friday. It scares me, and I love colors. Snob is my favoirte though.

  5. So glad I fond your blog! I remember seeing your looks on Specktra a while back and always admired how beautiful you wear your makeup, you are a great MUA! Looking forward to seeing more entries from you. Thanks!!

  6. @Makeup4play~Thank! I understand. You have to do what works for you. :)

    @Rita~Thank you so much Rita! I appreciate you! :)



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