Monday, June 11, 2012

More Hakuhodo Brushes

I posted my collective Makeup Show haul and wanted to start posting the items I purchased. If any you have been reading this blog you know that I looooove Hakuhodo! I didn't have a lot of time to shop there my first day because I was taking classes all day. I had about an hour after my class to stop by the booth and do some damage, and damage I did! I was making so many purchases that my bank froze my card right as the show was closing up for the day...ugh! I was able to call and let them know that I was making the charges and they freed up my card so that I could take my precious Hakuhodo brushes home with me...yay!! Here the brushes I purchased from the show:

 Update: Hakuhodo will be selling the J series brushes online. They are slated to release somewhere between 80-90 brushes! They should be available for sale by the end of July or the beginning of August. To prepare yourself pre-release, check out more of the J series brushes here. I know I'm getting my list!


Brushes from left to right:
G5557, J5543, J5521, J528, J214, J532, J232, G504, G5522, G5523, G5529, G522, S162

J series(exclusive to tradeshows): 5543, 5521, 528, 214, 532, 232)

G5557-Duo fiber brush. Great for foundation.

J5543-Goat hair. Great for liquid and cream foundation. 

J5521-Goat hair. Great for highlight and contour.

J528-Goat hair. Great for liquids, creams, and highlighting.

J214-Goat hair. Love this brush for applying concealer under the eye.

J532-Goat hair. Great for creams and liquids. Can also be used on the eyes for those with large lid space.

J232-Goat hair. Great for contouring the eye.

G504-Blue squirrel and horse. A soft but firm brush that's great for powder products and contouring.

G5522-Blue squirrel and goat. Great for blending and applying crease colors on the eye.

G5523-Blue squirrel. Great for applying heavily pigmented colors to the eye.

G5529-Blue squirrel. Great for detail work, applying colors to the tear duct and outer 'v'.

G522-Weasel. Eyeliner brush.

S162-Weasel. Eyebrow and liner brush.


  1. I absolutely LOVE Hakuhodo brushes. I honestly don't mind the price. They are of great quality. My goal is to have all of my brushes to be from this brand. Yes, I love it that much! LOL.

    Question: What do you use to wash these brushes?

    1. They are a great investment! I use Whiphand Cosmetics brush job to wash my brushes.

  2. Thank you for so many detailed pictures of your Hakuhodo brushes! I just made an order online and am excited to receive them.

    The J series is going to be online by the end of July/early August. I'm so excited to haul these as well!

    1. You're welcome! You are going to looovvve your brushes! Thanks for the info. on the j series.

  3. How would you compare the G5557 vs the J528. I know one is all goat and the other a mix of goat and synthetic with the synthetic sticking out a bit...but how would you compare the application and coverage of the two for both liquids and creams?

    1. I have not yet used my J528 believe it or! I didn't particularly care for the way the G5557 shed when my foundation was applied. I did get great coverage with no streaks when using my liquid foundation. I usually pour a bit on the back of my hand and dip my brush in and blend from the center of my face out towards the edges.

      I plan on using the J528 for my highlight and maybe concealer since I think it will be a bit too small for foundation application.

  4. MY goodness, my jealousy is through the roof right now. GREAT COLLECTION

    1., no don't be jealous! Thank you! :)



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