Monday, May 9, 2011

Nars Blush Swatches

I don't think these blushes need much introduction. They are a cult favorite and known world-wide to be some of the best blushes on the planet. They most certainly live up to they hype!

Orgasm~peachy pink(golden shimmer)
Torrid~coral(golden shimmer)
Amour~peachy pink(matte)
Taos~rose(golden shimmer)
Dolce Vita~dusty rose(matte)

Albatross~pearlescent white(golden shimmer)
Taj Mahal~burnt orange(golden shimmer)
Exhibit A~reddish orange(matte)


  1. I have Taj Mahal and it's a fave. I also have Cactus flower which I don't use as much. I really want Exhibit A though. Beautiful swatches!

  2. Great swatches! Have never tried Nars blushes but I'm liking torrid and Taj Mahal!

  3. I have Exhibit A, which is amazing, but the price point is too high for me to continue building my collection. Should I budge, Taj Mahal is next on my list!

  4. You got a great collection and thanks for the swatches.

    I love NARS blushes and I still need to purchase a few more; especially Albatross, Taos & Dolce Vita.

  5. @Leigh~Taj Mahal is my fave as well! Thanks!

    @Meme~Once you try them you will never look back! Thank you!

    @leather and lollipos~Exhibit A is beautiful and you only need a dab. I totally understand about the cost. Once you get Taj Mahal you will be in love!

    @StealMyHeartLove~Thanks! Albatross makes a fantastic highlight! :)

  6. Orgasm is like the most famous NARS blush but I don't think it compliments black women very well.It can tend to look too shimmery on some women. I have been dying to try Exhibit A and Torrid. I am sold!

  7. @Shyne~You're right about Orgasm. My fave is Taj Mahal! :)

  8. I have Dolce Vita & Lovejoy....Love them & I notice that you don't have love joy swatches...I'm so HAPPY that I found your are so Gorgeous & the makeup application is stunning you are truly inspiring me...great job Devin!!!

  9. Albatross is my baby!!! I love it with love joy. I use it allll the time. And Taj-Mahal is by boooo Nice. Thanks Devin

  10. Yes ma'am! Taj Mahal is definitely one of my all time faves! :)

  11. I've probably been using NARS blushes for about a year. I switched from using MAC's products and I'm so glad that I did! They're amazing!

    Stop by some time at!



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