Saturday, June 23, 2012

OCC The Garden S/S 2012 Lip Tars

Continuing on with my haul I decided to swatch the lip tars I bought from OCC. These are from the new spring collection. Please excuse my dry lips! Also my natural lip color is a little more red because I took the picture after swatching(yeah I!). I think most of you know how pigmented lip tars are. A very little goes a loooong way! I absolutely love lip tars because how versatile they are. I can mix them or use them alone. If you haven't already tried them you should definitely buy a couple. You can purchase the new collection or some of the oldie but goodies for $14 here.

Kava Kava, Pennyroyal, Ophelia, Digitalis, Belladonia, Chlorophyll

Bare raw!

Kava Kava-peachy nude 

Pennyroyal-brownish nude

Ophelia-baby pink

Digitalis-pinky lilac

Belladonia-deep lavender(not as blue as pictured)

Chlorophyll-dark teal



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