Thursday, February 10, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Haul

I bought my MAC Wonder Woman items today and I must say that I am happy with what I bought. I know that there have been mixed reviews on the packaging and what not, but I like it! I mean it is Wonder Woman after all, so I think the packaging is befitting of the character.

Left to Right:
Mighty Aphrodite blush, Golden Lariat Mineralize Skinfinish, Amazon Princess blush

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Golden Lariat MSF, Mighty Aphrodite blush
Golden Lariat MSF(mixed together), Amazon Princess blush

The funny thing about the blushes was that when I tried to swatch the smaller side they didn't rub off on my finger well. I must have rubbed and rubbed!  I was thinking I must have received a bad blush. So I took a brush and swiped it into the smaller side of the blush and applied it to my cheek and can you say, color! So, don't get discouraged if, when swatching the smaller side of the blushes they don't come off on your finger or hand that well. When applied to the cheek they give great pigmentation!


  1. fab! good to hear about the blush, cuz i was concerned with my mighty aphrodite when that happened to me! lol... didn't try it with a brush yet ;)

  2. Yes. Make sure to try it with a brush and the color definitely pops! I was thinking, okay I'm going to have to return this, but for whatever reason the smaller side only shows up well on the face. *confused*

  3. Thanks for the swatches, I'm loving the Golden Lariat...and I love the packaging, I mean it is a comic book character like you said =]

  4. I was not impressed by this collection at all.

  5. @Sarai~You're welcome! Golden Lariat is beautiful and I love the natural glow it gives on us brown beauties!
    @L281173~I totally understand! A lot of people felt that way about this collection.

  6. That is so right. I didn't like the MA blush swatched on my hand at all. On the cheeks its beautiful!

  7. Yes Stephanie! I started to return the blushes, because I thought they had no pigment. I even tested a couple out at the store, and they are the same way. Yet, when I use a brush to apply them, the color comes out beautifully!

  8. I just received my goodies for V-Day and I'm super excited! I'm dying to wear the blue mascara to see if it can compete with my Doir blue mascara.

  9. Yay!!! Let me know how the blue mascara holds up to Dior.



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