Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inglot 20 Palette with Swatches

My friend was generous enough to bring some items back for me from IMATS. I  am trying to get all the Inglot eyeshadows I can before the price increase! I wanted the new 20 palette as well. I really like it. I don't think it would be a palette I would travel with, but nice for holding a lot of colors in one place. It keeps you from having to look through several palettes for one look. The palette is very sturdy and well made, just like the 10 palettes. You can check out my Inglot review here.

Pearl 440~light lilac with silver shimmer
Matte 379~medium toned lilac
Pearl 446~deep plum(sheen)
Pearl 434~cool-toned slate(sheen)

AMC Shine 13~light blue with silver shimmer and a hint of an aqua undertone
Pearl 429~ocean blue
Matte 371~vivid turquoise
D.S. 480~vibrant ice blue with silver sparkle

AMC Shine 32~aqua with silver shimmer
D.S. 504~medium-toned matte teal with silver sparkle
Pearl 418~warm-toned hunter green
AMC 64~matte black with gold sparkle

AMC 16~light chartreuse
Pearl 412~light olive with gold sheen
D.S. 471~deep army green with hints of grey and silver sparkle
Pearl 419~army green with silver sheen

Pearl 403~vivid frosted lemon yellow
Matte 382~rich cherry red(photographs more red, but looks more pink)
AMC 55~warm-toned terracotta brown
AMC 52~chocolate brown with gold sparkle


  1. I just received my inglot eyeshadows today and looove them! Thanks for the swatches! These will definitely be in my next order! :)

  2. Your previous review says that the 10 palette is $50. Is the 20 palette $100?

  3. Ooooooh I got a 20 palette too at IMATS! Put them all in and swatched them based on your recs!!! Thank you girlie., always you rock :-)

  4. Im so jealous, that means you got them at a discount lucky you. Thanks for the swatches especially the first row, love that smokey gray color.

    pls checkout my blog:

  5. I cannot wait to get more shadows at The Makeup Show!

  6. @Meme~You are going to be addicted! You're welcome!

    @Nikki~I believe it is around $100 or so. Since they gave a discount at IMATS I'm unsure of the regular price.

    @Princess Zmunda~Yay!! How did you like the show? What else did you get?

    @lolacoco1~Yes I did...yay!! Thank God for friends! Thanks!

    @Erin~I know it! I won't be going until June, so I was trying to stock up on the pressed eyeshadows before the big price increase!

  7. I'm really impressed with this pallete. pigmentation is really great. thanks for the ost and swatches**

  8. Thanks Maria! Inglot is some good stuff!

  9. I really really want some inglot shadows but can't find them anywhere in TX yikes!!!! I'm stuck with online purchase... Wishme luck



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