Friday, April 1, 2011

Sleek Makeup Palette Review with Swatches Part 2

Here is part 2 of my Sleek Palette review. You can read part 1 of my review here.

What it is: Sleek Makeup is a makeup company based in the U.K. They are most well known for their 12 color I-Divine eyeshadow palettes. The company prides itself in having the ability to market itself to women of all ethnicities. 

The Sleek MakeUP brand is youthful and fresh, engaging the interest of young women from a range of different backgrounds. Our ethos is to produce a range which boasts of extremely trendy, fashion forward shades and innovative products which can be worn by all but with a particular focus on women who are under-represented by major brands in the cosmetics market. 

What it cost: You can purchase a palette of twelve eyeshadows for the low cost of $10. Each eyeshadow is about the size of a nickel compared to MAC eyeshadows that are a bit bigger than a quarter. That averages out to be about .83 cents per eyeshadow! You can purchase products online at: Sleek Makeup.

Sleek Chaos Palette

Sleek Good Girl Palette

Sleek Acid Palette

What I think: Now these palettes were a bit disappointing to me. The colors were either very chalky and powdery or had no color payoff at all. 

Chaos Palette~pigmentation low to non-existent. I had to really swatch these colors to get them to show up. Once blended out they almost disappeared. The blues and the teal in the palette swatched fairly decent. The brown(top row, third from right), was almost the exact color of my skin(nc45). You would definitely need to pack these colors on heavily and use a base.

Good Girl Palette~was not horrible, but a lot of the colors were very dusty. I feel like I could at least use this palette for both eyeshadows and blushes.

Acid Palette~this was the worst palette of the bunch. The shimmer colors had the best pigmentation. The neon colors were extremely disappointing! They barely swatched at all, even after rubbing vigorously. What you see swatched is about four layers and the color is still not very pigmented. The white color in this palette had absolutely no pigment at all. Total FAIL!

I do think that most of these palettes are a good deal for the money, but I would not recommend these palettes with the exception of the Good Girl palette.


  1. Thank you for being honest!! Was in London a week ago and swatched these palettes at the drugstore. I was not impressed at all with the quality even if they were 5 pounds lol. I believe that you can get great quality even at a cheap price (example la femme blushes). I so passed on them but i will say try their blushes especially 'sahara' it looks gorgeous or their contours kits.

  2. Your welcome lolacoco1! I have already ordered some of the Sleek blushes and I hope they are nicer than some of the palettes. I do love the contour palette as well! I totally agree with you on the cheaper higher quality products. Milani, NYX, Loreal HIP are just a few that are great drugstore products!

  3. Money has been saved!!! Thanks, guess I'll stick with NYX and Loreal.

  4. Seems like no one really likes these 3 palettes and enjoy the 2 I already have (Storm and Original). I won't be getting more then lol. Great review/swatches.

  5. @Chelle~I'm here to report the truth! Trust me I won't steer you wrong. ;)

    @Rita~Yeah, they aren't really anything to write home about. Save your money and get some better products. :)

  6. I love Sleek palettes. I have Original, Storm, Bohemian, Circus, Good Girl, Bad Girl, Paraguaya and Acid. But you are right, some shades are hit or miss... you may get a few in each palette that are either too chalky or shimmery but nothing a good sticky base like NYX jumbo e/s pencils or MAC paint pots can't fix. I haven't tried acid yet since I just got it and I've been wanting it for years. Hope I can get it to work for me. I love Sleek blushes and contour kits, they are divine. Great blog!

    Check me out...

  7. Thanks Mz. More! You are right about the sticky base, and I definitely use a base or two when using the Sleek palettes. You can get the acid palette to work, you just have to pack the colors on.

    I just received the new Avoir la peche palette and blush plus three other blushes. I think the new palette may be my favorite of all the palettes I have. I just love peaches, corals and oranges!

    I do love the contour kit. I have it in #4. I will wear the blushes and see what I think of the pigmentation and how well they wear.

  8. I really enjoy the sleek....but Im so hooked on INGLOT now it pathetic! Great Blog Devin! Thanks girl

  9. I know what you mean! Honestly Sleek and Inglot are not even in the same! Thank you and you're welcome! :)



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