Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Makeup Show Chicago Haul

So now that you've heard all about the show, here are all the goodies I purchased. Yes I went a little crazy, but I worked really hard to make sure I could get all the things I wanted. I will post swatches a little at a time, because it's going to take a!

Inglot(I purchased brow powders as well, but in the madness they didn't put them in my bag. I called the store when I returned to Houston, and they shipped them to me immediately! Great customer service!)

Magnolia Makeup(Don't sleep on this company ya'll! They have some fantastic products!)

OCC lip tars

Kett Hydro Proof airbrush foundation(The only thing that won't melt in this Houston heat!)

Make Up For Ever


Aqua Liners

Aqua Creams

Pure Powders

Sculpting powder 3 and Loose powder

Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks

Alcone sponges, Powder Group bags, and Crown brushes


  1. Wow! Great haul girl! Looking forward to the swatches!

  2. amazing haul dear! I love the inglot gel liners and wish I could get my hands on some more

  3. Nice haul. You got some awesome items! :D

  4. I`m in Inglot heaven! Lol. Can`t wait to see swatches of everything! :]

  5. Wow!!! Such a beautiful haul. Definitely looking forward to your swatches and reviews!

  6. @Amina~Thank you!


    @Shadowy Lady~Thanks! Those Inglot gel liners are fabulous! I hope you can get more soon.

    @StealMyHeartLove~Thank you! I'm glad I was able to get pretty much everything I wanted.

    @Courtney~Thanks a lot! Inglot is absolutely amazing! It's easy to get hooked on them!

    @LA~Thank you so much!

    @Rai~Thank you!!

  7. I just saw this, wonderful stuff. Can you tell me how you like the Kett Hydro Proof. Does it look good on the face? I read somewhere it can be supermatte

    1. I like it. You have to be careful to make sure your client has not overly moisturized. It stays put and does not rub off. Yes it is very matte.



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