Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Makeup Show Chicago

So as you all know I attended The Makeup Show Chicago this year. This is my fourth year attending The Makeup Show and the first time it was held in Chicago. As usual, The Makeup Show does not disappoint.

I attended the show with my friend who lives in Houston, but was born and raised in Chicago. When we arrived at the show Sunday at around 8:30 a.m. a line had already formed. Thank goodness it was not too long. It did not take long for it to grow.

Once inside we were directed to start on the second floor and then go down to the first floor. Make Up For Ever was the first booth I saw and was up front and center upon walking onto the second floor. It was my first stop and I had a quite a long list. Since I was one of the first few people at the booth I was able to talk to and take a picture with Michael Devellis(the creator of The Powder Group and The Makeup Show).

I must say that I really appreciated the system Make Up For Ever had this time around. Each person was given a booklet with all the products in it. All you had to do was write how many of each product you wanted next to the product, hand it to one of the many artists available and off to the back they went to fulfill your order. Pretty impressive!

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many vendors make an appearance at the show in Chicago. I had a plan and was trying my hardest to stick to it and get the things that were on my list before getting distracted walking around beauty heaven!

Some of my next stops were OCC, Inglot, Kett(have to have hydro proof here in Texas), Graftobian, Magnolia Makeup, among a few others. Each vendor offered a discount and the discounts ranged from 20-50%. Ruby Kisses(a drugstore/beauty supply brand marketed by Danessa Myricks) was also having a makeup competition. They gave away an entire makeup kit to the winner!

Inglot was an absolute mad house, but they were trying their best to keep things organized and fulfill customer orders. I expected that they would be that way, so I just politely squeezed in where I could fit in.

OCC had their infamous lip tars on display and I patiently swatched each one, ooohing and ahhhing as the super opaque pigment was applied to my hand. I just can't get over how amazing the pigmentation is in the glosses!

Magnolia Makeup may not be well known yet, but they are well on their way! The pigments, lipsticks, glitters, loose powder blushes are phenomenal! The company is owned by two sisters from New Orleans and they are really creating some great products!

Crown Brushes was also in attendance and offered their deeply discounted brushes and I picked up a few for my kit.

I was also able to get my hands on the long wear liquid lip color from Stila in Fiery and Caprice and they offered a 40% discount.

Each company also offered the opportunity to sign up for their pro discount and receive emails on their specials.

I can't even begin to tell you the amazing people I met! I met several of my followers(which were surprised to see how short I was, 5'2" It really made my day to be able to speak to you all and take pictures with you. I was also finally able to meet some of my online friends that I had known online, some for years and that was really special!

Welcome2divasworld, me, Anisa, Ateeya

I met the amazing Jennifer James(brow extraordinaire), The Sam Fine, Reggie Wells(who complimented me on my makeup, asked me who did it, and when I told him I did, he said to tell Sam Fine to take that! I almost died!). Danessa Myricks, who is absolutely beautiful and talented. They were all super approachable, friendly, knowledgeable, and even signed their books, dvd's, etc. There were a whole host of wonderful, talented and extraordinary Artists there as well and it was a thrill to see and meet them all!

Jennifer James

Danessa Myricks

Sam Fine

Reggie Wells(this man is absolutely hilarious!!)
Oh yeah and did I mention the show was right next to Oprah Winfrey's studio! What a bonus! I think I would have passed out and died if I had seen her in person.

If you had not yet had a chance to attend The Makeup Show I highly encourage you to do so. Save, save, save so that you don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!


  1. Everyone looks great and Im sure you had a great time..I went to the MU show NY and it was wonderful, it was my first time and you look well also hope your doing fine.

  2. Devin! So glad to see you back. I had an unexpected death in my family and was unable to make it. I will definitely be there next year GOD willing. Just wanted to give you a shout of encouragement and let you know the smile that spread across my face when I say you post! I'll be in Houston in August and would love to do lunch or something! Hope all is well. Princess Zmunda

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  4. The makeup shows seem like so much fun! I'm definitely saving so I can start attending!

  5. @Makeup~Mermaid~I did have a great time! I am doing well thanks, and I'm glad you had a great time at the NY show. I plan to be back there next year! :)

    @Princess Zmunda~Thank you so much! I'm glad to be back! That would be fantastic for us to meet! Please let me know. I will be on family vacation, so hopefully you will be here before or after that. :)

    @Meme~It is so much fun! You would be in heaven! I hope to see you next year! :)



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