Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hakuhodo Haul

Hello and Happy New Year friends! I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas as well! My Christmas was fantastic!!! My honey treated me quite well this year! :) One of my gifts was cash for Hakuhodo brushes.

Here is what I hauled from Hakuhodo before the price increase. A lot of the brushes I purchased did not increase and few had quite a large increase. The G520 foundation brush had the largest increase of the brushes I purchased, increasing from $60 to $94! I wished I would have known which other brushes were having a large increase that were on my list so that I could have purchased them first. At least I don't have many brushes left on my list with a large increase. I just received these brushes yesterday so I haven't had a chance to use them yet. This post will just be pictures and descriptions.

Kokutan Series:
finishing brush L, blush brush SG, eye shadow brush T, eye shadow brush WS

Finishing Brush L
Hair Type: blue squirrel~synthetic F
Super soft brush. Great for finishing makeup.

Blush Brush SG
Hair type: Goat(Sokoho)~Synthetic Fi
Soft but firm. Great for firmly pressed blushes.

Eye Shadow Brush T
Hair Type: Blue Squirrel
Great for highly pigmented eyeshadows and creating a smokey eye.

Eye Shadow Brush WS
Hair Type: Weasel
Picks up lots of pigment from eyeshadows with little to no fallout.

G Series:
5519BkSL, 527 powder brush D, 520 foundation brush 20#, 5552 4mm powder & liquid brush

G5519BkSL Blush Brush
Hair Type: Blue Squirrel
Densely packed. Great for intensely pigmented blushes.

G527 Powder Brush D
Hair Type: Goat(Ototsuho)
Super dense brush. Great for buffing and applying powders to face.

G5552 4mm  Powder & Liquid Brush round/angled
Hair Type: Goat~Synthetic Fiber
Small and densely packed brush. Can be used for liquid and cream products.

G520 Foundation Brush 20#
Hair Type: Weasel~Synthetic Fiber
Densely packed. Great for applying liquid and cream foundations without streaking.

Basic Series:
B501BkSL blush brush LL round and flat , B512BkSL highlight brush L angled

B501BkSL Blush Brush LL round and flat
Hair Type: Blue Squirrel~Goat/Sokoho
This brush is extremely full and densely packed. It has to be the fullest brush I own. This could be a powder brush. Great for firmly pressed blushes.

B512BkSL Highlight Brush L Angled
Hair Type: Blue Squirrel~Goat/Sokoho
Super soft brush. Great for highly pigmented colors and applying contour.

K Series:
K022 powder brush round and flat

K022 Powder Brush round and flat
Hair Type: Goat
Firm but soft brush. Great for low pigmented, firmly packed blushes and powders.


  1. WOW; what a great haul! I've heard nothing but fantastic things about these brushes. Enjoy!

  2. Breaks my heart that they had to increase the prices but I still think they are very good. I hope the quality stays the same.

    1. Yes I was sad about the increase as well! :( They are still worth it though. I hope they keep the quality as well. Their customer service is outstanding!

  3. Trust they feel and apply makeup even better! :)



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