Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nars Eyeshadow Duos

Here are swatches of the only Nars eyeshadow duos I have. I love the duos and plan to purchase more, but find that they don't get as much use as colors in my palettes. I think I tend to favor eyeshadows in palettes a little more than individual eyeshadows.

Top row left to right: Rajasthan, Mandchourie, Dogon
Bottom row left to right: Mediteranee, Melusine

gold with a bit of taupe/deep blue-green

charcoal grey with a hint of blue/navy blue

Dogon(This color is an amazing duochrome with a beautiful green tint!)
duochrome green with gold/deep forest green

Dogon(top) compared with Rajasthan(bottom)
Dogon is a green duochrome with a deep forest green
Rajasthan is gold with a blue green

Mediteranee(One of my all time faves!)
creamy, golden-beige/reddish-orange with gold shimmer

Melusine(The purple in this duo does not swatch well. It does apply with full color to the eye.)
silvery-lilac with a bit of taupe/aubergine


  1. Beautiful swatches! So tempted! :) xx

    1. Thanks! You should try them you won't regret them!

  2. Thanks for this! I think I will pick up Rajastan and Mediteranee. I only have Isolde right now and I am getting Kalahari soon



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