Thursday, July 12, 2012

Inglot Body Pigments Matte

Here are some of the pigments I bought from Inglot at the Makeup Show. Inglot released 40 new body pigments, 20 shimmer and 20 matte. I bought all 40 and these are matte pigments from the collection. The intensity of these pigments is insane! The colors are absolutely gorgeous! If anyone knows me they know that I love matte eyeshadows, and these are no exception! Inglot hit the ball out of the park with these pigments! I swatched these colors on bare skin with no base. I have worn a few of these colors on my eye and did have a reaction to one of the colors(124). My eyes were sore and had a lot of mucus, so be warned! I can't be mad, because they do say "body pigments" and I tried them on the eye anyway. I haven't had a chance to try any others! If you do try them on the eye, proceed with caution and know that you may have an allergic reaction. You can purchase the matte body pigments for $14 here.

35-pure white, 171-rose, 126-electric coral , 214-super bright fuchsia, 124-warm deep red

174-coral, 306-deep coral, 86-rust, 140-chocolate brown, 294-intense black

237-sunny yellow, 149-lemon yellow, 195-chartreuse, 152-lime green, 153-teal

156-electric turquoise, 71-sky blue, 202-cerulean, 253-grape, 121-plum


  1. The colors are beautiful, Devin, but what are you going to use them for if they're not safe for the face? Do you do body art?

    1. I have used several of them on my eyes. The only that caused a reaction so far was the red, which is to be expected. I was really trying my luck. The ones I can't use on the face I will for the body. I don't really do body art, but these pigments will give me a good reason to!



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