Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inglot Pigment Review with Swatches

So I have been trying for the last two days to take pictures of these pigments to no avail. It has been dreary and cloudy for several days. Finally, the sun came out long enough today for me to take the pictures. I'm still not completely satisfied with the quality, but I'm sure that is user error. Got to practice my photography skills a little more! Anyway here is my review on the Inglot pigments:

What it is: The pigments are called AMC(Advanced Makeup Components) Pure Pigment Eye Shadow. They are soft and pigmented. They blend well with no skipping or patchiness. Some of the colors are like none I have ever seen and trust me I have seen my share! The textures I have include: shimmery like a lustre, metallic, matte with glitter, and some with high sheen. The colors don't have names only numbers. Just like any other pigments you can use these wet or dry and when used wet the pigmentation really intensifies. I really love the duochrome colors, because it looks like you have two or three colors on your lid when there is only one. They come in high quality jars that are like plexiglass. They are very durable.

A little background information on Inglot for those that don't know. Inglot is a Polish company that started over 25 years ago by a chemist named Wojtek Inglot. He and his team developed what is called the freedom system. The freedom system allows you to pick and choose what you want in your palette. You can choose from shadows, concealers, blushes, face powders, bronzers etc. The concept is really neat and unique!

Anyway, I heard about this company in late 2009 from browsing the internet. I knew I was going to the Makeup Show in NYC in May of 2010 and I had heard that they had just opened a store in Times Square so I could not wait to go there! The products did not dissapoint!

What it cost: You get 2g/.07 oz of product for 14.00. These are a little bit more pricey compared to MAC that offers 4.5g/0.15 oz of pigment for 19.50, but as I said they have some very unique colors. Some of the jars come filled to the top while others are only half way. I'm assuming because of the different textures of the pigments some weigh more than others. I really like the size and because they are so pigmented you will never use an entire jar.

Also, if you email your business card, or pro card from another brand along with your will receive a 20% discount! Cool beans!

On to the pictures:
Colors are from left to right:
59 ~duochrome white with and blue
45 ~duchrome white with green and gold
35 ~shimmer texture with flecks of light lavender, silver and gold
22 ~shimmer texture with lavender undertone and flecks of gold and silver, deeper toned than 35(similar to MAC's idol eyes with more pigment)
85 ~duochrome purple and green and some bits of blue(similar to MAC's blue brown pigment or club, but more iridescent)
88 ~matte black with silver glitter(like MAC's black tied, but 10 x's more pigment and more visible glitter)
Natural light
59, 45, 35, 22, 85, 88

84 ~duochrome green and gold(similar to MAC's old gold with more sheen and gold)
55 ~beautiful yellow, golden color with a hint of orange
83 ~more metallic golden orange(lighter than MAC's amber lights)
40 ~peachy, orange with gold
26 ~tangerine orange
81 ~trichrome cranberry, orange, and gold
84, 55, 83, 40, 26, 81

58 ~beautiful electric cobalt blue
72 ~duochrome blue with purple
46 ~blue, purple with hints of red undertone
56 ~vibrant chartreuse green
43 ~light emerald green
57 ~dark jade green
58, 72, 46, 56, 43, 57

What I think: I love the pigments! I will definitely be purchasing more. I guess if I had to give a con I would say the price could be a bit a lower for the amount. Other than that I don't have any complaints. The packaging is great and the product delivers! I love them all, but have some favorites that are really unique to my collection:

45~OMG! I just don't know what to say about this piece of iridescent green goodness! GET IT!!
58~This one is like electric eel and freshwater had a baby! So bright and blue!
59~It's similar to MAC's frozen white, but doesn't have the chunky glitter that frozen white has.
81~This  one reminds me of MAC's bad fairy nail lacquer in the form of an eyeshadow! Just lovely!

You can call the New York store if you would like to place an order. Minimum order is 100.00. You get free shipping for any order of 150.00 or more. The number is: 212.247.8169.

I know this review was long, but I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any information you would like added to the reviews please feel free to let me know!


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  2. wow ... beautiful :) LOVE INGLOT !!

  3. Yes Yes Yes...cant wait for imats!!!

  4. Yes!!! I'm starting to save now for The Makeup Show. :)

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