Friday, July 27, 2012

Crease/Blending Brushes Part 2

So continuing on with my comparisons. Today I will be discussing what I like to use as detail brushes for my crease because they are so small. I use them when I want to carve out my crease and create a really defined shape. Please refer to this post for more detail on crease brushes and brush hairs.

Here is an example of a cut/carved crease where I would use one of these brushes to create the detail and sharpness of the crease:
Sorry I don't remember the colors used since it was so long ago. :( I have a similar look here.

Bottom picture left to right:

~Mac 226 Small Tapered Blending brush-This is a stiff tapered brush that is great for precision and directional work. I don't think that it is a particularly great brush for blending, especially since it is so firm, but I do like it for my outer 'v' and crease. I can pack on high concentrations of color with this brush. The 226 brush is great for eyeshadows with minimal pigment or firmly pressed shadows. This brush is probably the least comfortable of my detail crease brushes, it can be a bit scratchy. This was a limited edition brush, but has been re-released several times.
~Hakuhodo S142 Eye Shadow brush-A bit larger than the S146 this brush is one of my faves for sculpting my crease and blending simultaneously. Made of blue squirrel. The hairs of this brush feel like heaven! Although the brush hair is blue squirrel, because the brush is so small I am still able to pick up and deposit full on color and create lovely gradation.  Heavily pigmented shadows and pigments apply beautifully with this brush. If you have eye shadows that are loaded with pigment, but are somewhat dusty like some of the matte Inglot eyeshadows can be then this brush along with the S146 is perfect! You can check out more information about Hakuhodo brushes in my post here. This brush can be purchased here.
~Hakuhodo S146 Eye Shadow brush-This has to be one of my favorite brushes for my carving my crease! I love the small size of the brush, and the fluffy hairs. Made of blue squirrel. The brush comes tapered, but after washing it becomes more fluffy. Measuring full length at 150mm it is just the right size for me to hold. The soft, luscious hair is great for applying eye shadows with lots of pigment. I like to get up close to the mirror when applying my makeup so the length of this brush is just right. Same goes for all of the brushes in Hakuhodo S100 series. It's something about this series of brushes that makes me happy just to look at them! Maybe it's because of that beautiful pop of orange and gold embedded in a sea of black brushes. This brush can be purchased here.
~Hakuhodo G5523BkSL-This brush can multitask as both a shader and crease brush. It's shape is not fully round, but not completely flat. You can use the tip to apply and blend color in the crease. You can then turn the brush on it's side to apply color to the mobile lid. Made of blue squirrel. The shape of this brush is similar to the Mac 217 brush, but it is a smaller, softer brush. Great for eye shadows with a high color payoff. If you have sensitive skin on your eyes you will love the feel of this brush. Smaller eyes would benefit from the size of this brush. You can be purchase this brush here.
~Hakuhodo G5529BkSL-Now this is one tiny little brush. The hair length is only 13mm. Made of blue squirrel. This brush is best used with loose pigments and heavily pigmented eye shadows. Great for diffused liner on the lower lash line. I also love to use this brush for my outer 'v', or to apply a highlight in the tear duct. Since the brush is so small I wouldn't use it as a blending brush, unless you have super tiny eyes. This is more of a detail brush. This brush can be purchased here.

Part 3 soon to follow...


  1. Thanks for this. I have always wondered what brushes you use for your crease work.

    Love and light from Kenya.

  2. I've admired how you're able to so effortlessly (and perfectly) carve your crease. I'd like to try those Hakuhodo brushes, where can they be found?

    1. clearly I wasn't paying attention :(
      now I see the links to purchase. thanks!

    2. Lol! I'm glad you found the info. Thank you! :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.



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